Wayward's ZZT Shack

Update - 3/4/00 - I have been extremely busy and havn't had much time to zzt. Hopfully I'll be done with Octagon soon

I am Wayward, a not-so-well-respected ZZTer. This is my small little hub/shack in the zzt universe, so this is something long overdue, considering I started zzting over 3 years ago. Go and enjoy yourself, for while this page has no fancy stuff, it is quite self explanitory.

Games - All of the games that I've made...here for you to see
Wayward's Workbench - All of the stuff I'm working on
io24hozzt - The other 24 hour contest
Other Places - Go here instead of here

If you wish to mail me, do it here.

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This page was founded on 11/28/99 (we are not Y2K compliant, oh well).

And now, the grand finale.

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